Victory HENNA





Victoria Anne Wenners
How did you start doing henna? A frequently asked question... Through 1994-1995 I visited India and Nepal for six months. Just before returning to the States I had both my hands completly hennaed while in Rajastan. This began the fascination. My professional henna career began when a fellow artist friend hired and trained me to do Renaissance Festivals. I've been at this ever since, always figuring out new techniques and coming up with new designs. It's a great job.

Victoria has lived along the front range of Colorado for 16 years. She has been actively involved in the arts locally working with such organizations as the Denver Center Theater Company and the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center as a Set Designer and Scenic Artist. She has an exacting talent for graphic design and has an extensive photographic background. Currently she is a studio artist at The Business of ART Center in Manitou Springs, CO.